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A third of all food globally produced is wasted. Food waste produces harmful carbon emissions when breaking down, making it the 3rd leading cause for climate change. Over 183,000 people in Palm Beach County alone suffer from food insecurity. Help to fill plates, not landfills.



Sign up to become a food donor by filling out a short form with your information.


We'll work with you to create a regular donation schedule, or give you all the info you need to donate food last minute, like after an event, etc.


A volunteer Food Rescuer will come to rescue your surplus food and deliver it directly to a local receiving agency. 

By choosing to donate your surplus food you'll be helping to eliminate hunger in Palm Beach County, AND helping the environment. 



Volunteers of The Palm Beaches, with the help of the Food Rescue US app, rescues surplus food from food donors, which can range in size from major grocery chains to local restaurants, caterers or farmers markets. Surplus food is discarded for several reasons including excess inventory, food that is no longer saleable due to upcoming expiration dates, or food with slight defects such as minor bruising. All of this food is still healthy, nutritious and usable!

The types of food we rescue typically fall into one of these categories:

  1. Perishable (ex. produce, dairy, meat)

  2. Prepared (ex. .already cooked such as restaurant and catered food)

  3. Shelf-stable (ex. packaged pasta, canned vegetables, etc.)

  4. While we rescue food that is refrigerated or frozen, no hot food can be transported.


Benefits of being a Food Rescue donor include:

  1. Helping to end food insecurity in your community with the contribution of fresh, healthy food for immediate use.

  2. The reduction of food waste, and the potential to save money in carting fees.

  3. Positive marketing and public relations, enhancing the appeal of your business in the community while making a real, quantifiable difference where your customers live, and raise their families.

  4. A tax benefit for every pound of food they donate.


Have questions? View FAQs below.


1.  Is it safe to donate food?

Yes. The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act passed into law by Congress in 1997 states that donors are protected from both civil and criminal liability when donating food in good faith to a non-profit organization even if the donated food later causes harm to a recipient.  This law was created to encourage the donation of food and grocery products. Click here to read the full Act:


2.  Do I have to donate on a regular schedule? What if I just have food to donate every now and then?

No. While some establishments choose to create a reoccurring food donation schedule, many reach out after large events and schedule a last minute pick up.

3.  Can I donate hot foods?

No. All foods should be brought down to room temperature then refrigerated or frozen for transport.


4.  Can I donate pre-packaged foods?

Yes. All wrapped food can be donated.


5.  Can I donate food from a buffet or salad bar?

Only food that has not been put out for consumption can be donated.


6.  How should I package the food for donation?

You can box the food in banana boxes or other sturdy transport cartons. For prepared food, metal tins with lids are the recommended container.


7.  How do I store perishable foods while waiting to be picked up?

All perishable food should be stored in the refrigerator or freezer until the food rescuer arrives.


8.  Where does my donated food go? 

The majority of the food you donate will be scheduled to go to the closest agency available that is a good fit to receive this food.


9.  Do I get a tax deduction for my donation? Will you provide the paperwork for the tax deduction?

Food donations are tax-deductible. You will receive an end of year letter showing amount of food donated.

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